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For Entrepreneurs: Create Your Own Pension Plan In 2013

Pensions were quite away from the natural monetary processes previously. However, now they are the most colloquial terms that people are affluent with, when they secure a job.

You are working hard for your company racking up your years and when you are about to retire you get a check every month to have a tension free life in the future.

However, gone are the days to think about pension as a common employee benefit. Previously when our parents were working in a company, they were vested in its pension plan, as they knew that they are going to receive some check every month.

Well, in this present economic situation few companies are ready to offer with pension plans. Average companies are there, who help employees to prepare for retirement. They like to contribute to their employee’s 401(k) plans. But, if you are running business of your own, then you do not even think of a pension, right?

However, guys I am sorry to say that, you are wrong in your calculations.

Business owners are able to have a unique opportunity to coordinate their business plan with personal plans. There are entrepreneurs who like to focus on their ability to create a number of benefits that can funnel back.

You may be quite familiar with the concept, like to write off for a car, to find creative ways to fold a personal vacation into a business trip, but these all are short-term plans. However, why don’t you think of a portable pension plan?

  • How Does The Pension Plans Works?

The pension is similar to an annuity: You just need to contribute a specific amount, that too at a specified time in the future to start receiving a predefined amount of income. A pension is quite different from 401(k) plans. For example, a 401(k) utilized by a company where they underwrite that the annuity is obligated to pay income stream regardless of how investments within the account executed. They are also compelled to pay the income stream as long as you live. That is the risk, which companies take.

Looking from the investor angle, the downside of an annuity is that the upside is limited. If the investments give positive response then you do not need to participate beyond the predefined income stream.

We have a good news to share, loss of upside has lessened. Now you have some programs, where the provider takes on the obligation of providing a future income stream, at the same time providing some degree of upside opportunity if the market outperforms. This in turn is helping the business owners to shift the downside risk of markets to a third party while retaining the opportunity to participate for higher returns.

However, the portable pension plan is a little costly. In addition, the entrepreneurs are of the opinion that higher cost is definitely worth benefits of a guaranteed income for themselves and their family. Moreover, if your spouse is quite younger, then the survivor benefit can increase the value of the plan, without the risk of traditional investments.

You can invest in the retirement funds or in the non-retirement assets or make some monthly contributions to a plan where the contributions are nearly endless. You can seek the advice of a financial advisor to ensure the plan and make sense from both personal and business viewpoints.

Financial experts are of the opinion that successful entrepreneurs do have the right assets, the right cash flows and the right operations, which they can use a variable annuity to create a beautiful pension plan. And as it is portable, you can take it wherever you shift, whether you shift to a new business or go back to the corporate existence.

Tax may shoot up or inflation may arise, markets may crumble, you do not know what is going to happen in the next second. However, when you retire, one thing you can count on will be the portable pension plan.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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