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How Can Medical Malpractice Affect Your Income And Finances?

Many of us have visited a doctor or hospital at least once or twice in the past year.  Whether it was for an emergency, a routine checkup, or a scheduled appointment for something you’re experiencing, you have most likely put your health and trust in the hands of an experienced physician.  We rely on the health field employees to give us proper treatment and discuss important things we need in our lives to live healthy.  However sometimes there can be an event of overlooking a condition or just being a negligent caregiver, which results in a larger complication for an unsuspecting victim.

Medical Malpractice is a serious issue for many people who have health complications or medical issues.  Sometimes a visit is prompted by an accident, such as a car crash or a work related injury.  Other times someone may be experiencing an odd symptom and seeking advice from their physician.  It is all too common that some disease or conditions will often show subtle symptoms that, on the surface, point to one thing when infact it is a completely other and often times more serious issue.  That is why we rely on doctors and surgeons to properly treat and inform us and why they charge such large amounts for our health and safety.  Unfortunately there are a lot of instances where people fall victim to medical malpractice and can end up paying for it; literally.

Obviously many of the issues regarding medical malpractice or misdiagnosis cases are the health and ample living of victims.  When people leave surgery or are prescribed a medicine by a physician they are  lead to believe that things have been altered for the better and that their standard of living will improve.  Often times if a doctor overlooks or underestimates a condition it can result in prolonged pain and suffering for a patient.  These complications can also lead to way more serious issues and usually result in a big procedure, larger bill, and longer lasting side effects from the problem.  It is most unfortunate for those who suffer at the mistake of medical personnel because they trusted their time, money, and health in the hands of those specifically trained with extensive experience to take care of them.  However, on top of dealing with extensive pain, discomfort, and a decreased quality life, these medical malpractice scenarios can also take a toll on one’s financial stability.

Medical Treatments and Health Care costs reach well up into the tens of billions annually.  Everyday hundreds of thousands of people are forced to pay such costly medical bills for treatment they have received regarding a condition they needed cured.  These bills are sometimes well over people’s annual salaries, however they must be paid in full and can take a toll on possibilities of future treatments.  Unfortunately it is a shame that many people actually end up shelling out thousands of dollars for treatments that were actually not so curing for them.  Medical bills for misdiagnosis or malpractice treatments are very steep and can be held above a patients head for a very long time with the expectation to pay.  Sometimes it will go on for months or even years before a patient even begins to question the quality of treatment they are paying for compared to what they are receiving.  With such high bills and costly procedures it should be unacceptable that a doctor, surgeon, or physician, overlook a cause or symptom or make a mistake in surgery or treatment.  This will end up costing a victim large sums of money for things that aren’t making them any better.

On top of paying out for multi-thousand dollar bills for treatments that were not needed, a patient’s loss of funds can unfortunately be coupled with a loss of income.  Should their condition not get any better, or following a doctor’s orders or side effect of treatment, a patient could experience extended time off of work due to inability to complete their job.  If a person is in pain or injured and cannot work then often times they will have a loss of income.  Being out of work as a result of an unknown physician’s mishap can be a painful pill to swallow because of the double-blow: less money coming in from no paycheck and more money going out as a result of paying medical bills.

Should you find yourself victim of a medical malpractice suit or misdiagnosed condition that caused you excessive suffering, both physically and financially, you could be entitled to just compensation due to your physician’s negligence.  In 2012 United States there were over $3.6 billion dollars in medical malpractice payouts from suits filed.  In fact so many of these suits were represented by a strong personal injury lawyer or medical malpractice law office that nearly 93% of the suits were settlements instead of court ordered.  This is because there is an overlying theme that even doctors and medical personnel are aware of the mistakes than can be but shouldn’t be made in their field.

In the event that you discover yourself the victim of a malpractice incident, do not hesitate to seek legal advice.  Medical malpractice suits are very common in the United States as the rate of treatment turnovers directly correlates with the income that a medical practice sees.  Physician’s who rush through patients and overlook simple elements that could be key in aiding their health and recovery should be made liable for the pain and suffering they have caused.  When a doctor makes a mistake it can cost a victim a lot more than just their quality of life.

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