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Useful Tips To Prepare For An Insurance Claim

Having insurance coverage is essential in our society. It protects you against financial loss in the event of an unfortunate situation. When these types of situations occur, it is important to be prepared and provide the necessary documentation to expedite the settlement of your insurance claim. Here are useful tips to help you prepare for an insurance claim.

Get A Police Report

Contact the police as quickly as possible to report the incident, and obtain a police report. Your insurance company will need the report, and this also will help expedite the claim process.

Review Your Policy

Find your insurance policy and have available your policy number and other essential information. Review your policy thoroughly. Some items, such as expensive art, jewelry, equipment and tools, have limitations for replacement value unless you have specifically obtained additional coverage on the items. Read the small print carefully so you know what’s covered and what’s excluded.

Report The Loss

Call your insurance company to report the incident, and do this as soon as you can after the incident. Explain the circumstances in detail. If your vehicle was stolen, let them know the area or parking lot from which it was stolen, including time line. Indicate whether the car was locked, and what personal items were inside of the car when it was stolen. If there was damage to your home, take an inventory and list every little thing that was affected. Include valuable belongings that have been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Gather Your Documents

Insurance companies often require documentation to investigate a claim and for you to receive a payout for your loss. Keep pertinent paperwork, such as Police report, photographs and appraisals, readily accessible, so that you can provide these upon request. Make a list of your lost, stolen or damaged property and provide photographs to substantiate your claims. Having a home inventory and photos of your valuable belongings before they were lost or damaged will help with this essential step.

Get A Public Adjuster

Contact an insurance loss assessor, also referred to as a Public Adjuster. When you are filing a claim, you need to ensure that you get good representation, and maximize your entitlement. Having a loss assessor on your side is essential. Your insurance company has an insurance loss adjuster whose aim is to study the case and ensure that the insurance company pays out as little as possible. But a loss assessor works for you, the claimant, and ensures that you get the settlement you deserve rather than settlement that suits your insurance provider. Your insurance loss assessor has your best interests in mind.


Many people have insurance that provides protection in the event of an unfortunate situation. Nobody wants to experience a disaster, but when it strikes it is important to take appropriate steps to remedy the situation. If you ever have a need to file a claim, be prepared to provide all needed documents and to defend your reasoning. Keep in mind that the adjuster’s mission is to put the lowest possible value on your claim, so plan carefully. These important tips can help make your claims process as pleasant and quick as possible.

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