Precision Pro – NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder Review

Precision Pro - NX7 Pro Slope

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While there are big companies in the game with their expensive golf rangefinder, Precision PRO Golf – NX7 is a different breed with a better price range. It landed on top of our reviewed list of rangefinder for reasons that we couldn’t ignore. Golf is an expensive game but with NX7 Pro Slope, you have something fits into your budget while performing like the top of the line Golf Rangefinders.

You might wonder why we are praising it and what is the logic behind it. Let us dive into the detailed review apart from just relying on its high rating on Amazon. Our first impression on the quality of build and packaging was excellent.

There are only a few budget golf rangefinders come with an adaptive slope. NX7 Pro Slope is one of them. It’s not just for increasing the value, but it works. The design is ergonomic and feels like high-end rangefinders similar to Bushnell.

Key Features

  • The adaptive slope is the attractive feature in this rangefinder. It handles uphill or downhill pretty easily while providing an accurate measurement. The technology behind it allows for “play as” distances to make club selection simple. Also, the adaptive element helps you to stay tournament legal by turning the feature off.
  • It comes with similar buzz technology as JOLT by Bushnell. It provides user feedback with a smooth vibration when a target is locked in.
  • Good quality optics, Quick measurement, and precision technology helps with stabilization to provide an accurate analysis.
  • It comes with two years of warranty. Precision PRO back their product well with top-notch customer care service, battery replacement, trade-in allowances and more.

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Pros and Cons

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Precision Pro Golf – NX7 Pro Video Review


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Considering its user feedbacks in Amazon vs. value, Precision PRO Golf – NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder is a great purchase. With all the technology packages, company support to its products and our in-depth review, we provided it with a high score similar to every other golf rangefinder reviews out there. Any golfer can choose this rangefinder without much worry because of its tournament legal and provide accurate measurement by locking flags, providing distances to objects to help you to make your next shot. If you are looking to improve your game but don’t want to go for a top of the line at the moment, NX7 PRO is an excellent rangefinder for you before you make that upgrade.