Saybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review


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As one of the top-rated rangefinders with slope, Saybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder got a great reputation from its buyer and users. Unlike many other top of the line, expensive Golf rangefinders, Saybien has a higher range and comes with notable technologies that you can find on those top rangefinders. It also relieves you from the hassle of buying expensive batteries and instead comes with long-lasting, rechargeable battery with a USB cable. Along with high-quality optics, dual display, 6x magnification and continuous, quick scan this device deserved to be top of many rangefinders we reviewed in the past.


  • Simple, Dual Mode Operation: With this feature, you can measure straight line distance while staying 100% USGA Legal. Having a precise distance of all objects in the course can provide you with a huge advantage while playing. The second mode is the slope adjusted distance. With slope adjusted mode you can improve your game while keeping your slope adjusted distances. It’s easy to use and you can learn how to make a better shot, Uphill or Downhill.
  • Quick Scanning: Both modes the rangefinder offer allows quick scanning. It allows you to pan over multiple distances for 10 seconds and you will have every piece of information you need to make the perfect shot.
  • Flag lock and Buzz: Another great feature at this price range. The flag lock technology gives you a buzz when the pin is acquired and take away all the guesswork.
  • 6X Magnification: 6x magnification comes in handy because it allows you to see and lock onto flagstick with ease. High-quality optics provide crystal clear views.
  • Rechargeable battery: Forget about buying another battery. Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a USB port allows you to charge the rangefinder and use in the golf course.
  • 1000+ yards range: Impressive range of this rangefinder will allow you to target in the distance that many other rangefinders can reach. You will have precise and accurate information to get a huge advantage over your competition.
  • Warranty: Backed by an amazing warranty from the company. If you have any issues with the device in warranty period, they will replace with a new device.


  • Some users reported that they didn’t get accurate results compared with the top of the line products like Bushnell.
  • Some users reported that it failed to pick a target. While most of the users don’t complain about it so it might be a glitch from users operation of the device.
  • The battery can not be replaced by the user. If the battery is gone, you must contact to the manufacturer.
  • Not waterproof.

Saybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder Video Review


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>>Check Price On Amazon<<

The product is highly rated on Amazon and most of the users are happy about it. So far most of the users reported it as easy to use, lightweight and great value. It works like charm considering its price point and highly recommended by users. The rechargeable feature is another clear winner on this rangefinder. Along with all the technologies it provides and users perspective, this rangefinder definitely put expensive rangefinders in a steep competition.