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Six Reasons Why Public Relations Is A Great Career Choice

Whether you’ve just left school, you’re studying for a degree or you’re looking for a career change public relations isn’t a bad choice. Working in public relations is fast paced, demanding and challenging and is perfect for anyone with a lot of drive and ambition. Think public relations might be the right career choice for you? Here are six reasons why it’s a great choice-

High Demand

Currently PR is something that is in high demand and will be for years to come. Because of this there are lots of opportunities in public relations and as an expert your knowledge will be highly sought after. In the current climate many businesses are struggling and this is where PR comes in, helping build businesses back up starting with the public, reputation and relationships.

Move Up The Ranks

In PR it’s possible to move up positions if you work hard enough. Whilst some PR agencies ask that you have a degree to work for them many offer an internship or a starting salary and can train you as you work and learn. In senior positions such as PR director you can earn between £40,000 and £100,000 a year. If you’re ambitious PR could offer the room to work your way up that you’re looking for.


A career in public relations can offer a lot of variety from day to day but also in the long term too. As a PR professional you might work for an agency when starting out but then move on to working in house for a company or maybe even freelance for yourself.


Through your public relations work you will help promote events for your clients and in some cases help plan them to. Either way you will have some input into events during your career in public relations. This is interesting work but the real perk is getting to attend the events. Of course this will all in the name of PR so you can report on the event afterwards and respond to any comments made afterwards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at the same time and make the most of attending the event.

Specialised Areas

Within public relations there are lots of options when it comes to the type of PR you do. You could work for an agency that offers PR to a wide variety of clients or you could work for a specialised agency. If there is something you feel particularly passionate about or interested in working for a specialised industry could help you further your PR career. From beauty to technology PR there is a wide variety out there. Being passionate about the companies you’re working for and having a strong knowledge of the industries will help you along the way.


Public Relations is a very sociable career option as a large part of the job is about building and maintaining relationships. If you’re a sociable person then PR might be right for you. Social media recently has began to play a strong part in almost every PR strategy and campaign. If you’re a social media addict you’ll already be a good candidate for a public relations professional. Social butterflies would do well in this competitive industry.

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