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Six Pointers That Will Help You Keep Your Job

The world is not tolerant with the lazybones. To make it worse, competition between companies grew tighter, forcing them to downsize their workforce to cut back costs and stay alive. Therefore, you must be productive at all times, or else you might end up on the displacement list and lose your job.

Productiveness is not easy, especially if you don’t have a plan. Almost all companies are trying to make do of a small staff. This is why you always find that your workload for the day is more than what you expect. In this case, how can you be effective in the workplace?

Tip Number 1: Create a To-do List

If you want to finish all your assignments at the end of the day, the first thing that you need to do is to create a to-do list. Too much time is wasted when you do things randomly. Without a list, you may end up doing the same thing over again.

You must list down things according to priority. This will let you know which tasks you should do immediately, and those that you can do later. In this way, you will be able to meet the deadlines.

A list will also help you to identify what stopping from being productive. Once you know the reason, you will be able to make adjustments in your schedule and improve your efficiency.

Tip Number 2: Purchase an Electronic Planner

It is more efficient to use an electronic planner than using a pen and paper to write things down. Investing in this device is a good idea especially if you spend most of your working hours in the field. Electronic planners also have other amazing features that will help you save time. Furthermore, it is also more convenient to use.

Tip Number 3: Be More Proactive

When you are having trouble with meeting deadlines, maybe it is time for you to be more proactive in setting them. Sometimes your boss will request you to do more, but you must also know when to say no. Tell him or her about your prior commitments. Don’t worry, your boss will not be angry, as long as you have a valid reason. Accepting an assignment and failing to complete them on time is what annoys bosses the most.

Tip Number 4: Eliminate Distractions

In most cases, it is not the workload that makes you unproductive, but rather the distractions. This is more applicable for people who have home-based jobs.  If you are working at home, you must ensure that you have eliminated all distractions before you start. Turn off the television and never switch it on while you are working. If you keep the television on, you may end up spending your whole day watching programs instead of doing your work. It is also advisable that you lock your room to ensure that your kids will not enter and try to distract you.

Although you want to be productive, you must not lock yourself the whole day. You must also give yourself a break, maybe a couple of minutes. This will enable you to unwind and relax, replenishing you the energy to work again.

Tip Number 5: Get Help

Admit it. You can never do all things on your own. You must also learn how to delegate things to others. Trying to do all things will do you no good, since you will only overwork yourself. This will only stress both your body and mind, hindering you from doing your work properly. Therefore, when you have too much workload, you must try asking your coworkers for help. Delegating tasks to other will also improve your managerial skills, which most executives look at when deciding to promote someone. Of course, in order to do this, you must establish good relations with your coworkers first.

Tip Number 6: Never Procrastinate

Procrastination is the most common cause why employees end up having too much workload that they cannot handle. This is the reason why you must avoid procrastinating things. You must do all the things that you can do today instead of putting them off for tomorrow. In doing so, you might be surprised that your workload is not as many as you think.

In this competitive world, you must do your best to be productive, or else your boss might send you off and look for another one who can do better. You can improve your efficiency at the workplace by following the 6 tips mentioned above. Being productive will not only help you keep your jobs, but also serves as solid grounds for promotion.

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