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Techniques to Economise in 2014: at Home and the Workplace

The start of a New Year brings with it new goals and expectations for the most of us. It is this part of the year when resolutions are generally made, be it shedding a few extra pounds of weight or setting new goals at the workplace. It is an ideal time to take stock of things and to make necessary changes in your life. Of course, for many, a achievable goal is to economise where possible and spend less as the cost of living continues to rise. Here we’ve explored just a few everyday economising techniques.

  • Utility costs take up a fair amount of budget for a home and an energy audit is a good way to analyse energy consumption, be it at home or your business. Hire a professional to carry it out and they can help to suggest ways to improve insulation as well as optimise energy use on your property. Poor insulation can lead to loss of energy both in the summer as well as winter for cooling as well as heating purposes. Make it a priority on your to-do-list this New Year.
  • Check your home or business thoroughly for drafts in different areas like doors, ceilings, walls, windows etc. If you detect any leaks you can plug them up with different types of material like tape or foam and caulk them. This can be done as a DIY task or again you can resort to professional help.
  • Be discerning in your choice of electrical appliances and only go in for energy saving products that have energy labels on them. It is well worth the effort and time spent to verify their efficiency, as they will help you save a considerable sum in terms of energy costs while contributing your bit towards the environment as well.
  • An effective way of cost cutting for those who need to rent storage space is to organise the attic or garage in your home and to do away with any clutter. Old stuff can either be donated or you can organise a garage sale which will leave you with more storage space at home.
  • By making your home more eco-friendly through recycling and minimising use of paper, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint. Also, you can make a few extra pennies at your local recycling center.
  • Another effective way of cutting costs is through installing a water filter at your home or business place as that will help to reduce expenditure on bottled cases of water. It will also minimize the buildup of plastic on your property.
  • The New Year is a good time to ensure that you and your family are in a secure environment and this can be accomplished by checking if the smoke and carbon monoxide  detectors are in working condition. Also check to see if any fire extinguishers or other related home safety apparatus are in working order. In your workplace, fire risk assessments are necessary to ensure all staff are safe from harm and to prevent serious, costly damage within the building. Fire extinguishers and alarm systems will need service and maintenance on a regular basis. you can visit to get some ideas.

These simple tips can go a long way in helping you to cut costs at a time when living costs are going through the roof. After all every little bit does add up and goes a long way in economising. Even if something may initially require a cost, in the long run you will certainly notice a positive difference to your bank account!

Have a great new year and get saving!

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