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The Company Men (2010) – Watch the Movie Online

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Watch the movie The Company Men Here.

About the Movie

In the movie ‘The Company Men’, Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) is a young executive at a shipping and manufacturing conglomerate. He has the American dreams: great job, beautiful family, shiny Porsche in the garage. He works hard and is on the fast track to the top. But all on a sudden his dreams are broken down into pieces. His company goes through a few rounds of layoffs, so Bobby and colleagues Phil (Chris Cooper) and Gene (Tommy Lee Jones) find themselves on the unemployment line. Bobby tries to get back into a busy job life, but he couldn’t set his executive skills anywhere. Soon he realises that there is more to life than chasing the bigger and better deals. As the year unfolds, all three must redefine their lives as they struggle to survive in a hostile post-career landscape.

The movie released in December 10, 2010 (USA). It made 8.1 million USD in the box office.


Nominations –  Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion PictureMORE

Critic Reviews

With harrowing realism, The Company Men captures the raw, personal impact of the economic meltdown. Full Review…

Caryn James


 It turns out that middle-ranking executives and even some corporate board members have feelings. Who knew?  Full Review…

Trevor Johnston

Tie Out

There’s also little sense of what these characters were like before reality came crashing down on them.  Full Review…

Calvin Wilson

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

This is a film without spark. The frustrations are real, but they are neither terribly entertaining nor enlightening. Full Review…

Tom Long

Detroit News

Notable Moments of the movie The Company Men – Watch Here Now!

Factory Scene

Phil Suicide

Carpenter Scene

The Company Men Ending


Phil Woodward: Dress code pretty lax around here?

Bobby Walker: You should see casual-Friday…


[last lines]

Bobby Walker: We work as hard in here every day as we did when we were trying to get a job, we’ll be alright. What’s the worst thing they can do, fire us?


Phil Woodward: You know the worst part?

[a beat]

Phil Woodward: The world didn’t stop. The newspaper still came every morning, the automatic sprinklers went off at six. Jerry next door still washed his car every Sunday.


Phil Woodward: My life ended and nobody noticed.

HR Director: I’m confident all these dismissals will stand up under legal scrutiny.

Gene McClary: What about ethical scrutiny.

HR Director: We’re not breaking any laws, Gene.

Gene McClary: I guess I always assumed were trying for a higher standard than that, Paul.

Phil Woodward: I’ve got a kid in college and another one going in the fall. I won’t go back to the factory floor. I’ll take an AK-47 to this place first.


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