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War Dogs (2016) – Watch the Movie Online

The FP Top Pick on Entrepreneur/Business Movie:

Watch the movie War Dogs Here.

About the Movie

During the Iraq war, a young man Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) from Miami offers his childhood friend David Packouz (Miles Teller) an opportunity to start an international arms dealing business and make big money. They utilise a government initiative that let them do business to bid on U.S. military contracts. The duos make huge cash overnight from arm dealings and living the high life. But they soon realise that making money is not so easy. The two friends get in over their heads after landing a 3M dollar deal to arm the Afghan Military. Without knowing anything they step into the dark world and start doing business with some very shady people.

The movie released in August 19, 2016 (USA). It made 86.2 million USD in the box office.

Critic Reviews

Gleefully irreverent, with a so-crazy-it-must-be-true vibe, this exuberant comedy manages to be wildly entertaining while simultaneously finding alarming cracks in the fabric of American society. Full review

Jeffrey M. Anderson
Common Sense Media

War Dogs is a profane cautionary tale about what happens when greed and cleverness inevitably undermine integrity in the pursuit of lots of money. Full review

Adam R. Holz
Plugged In

Wars Dogs is a solid movie, but only partly succeeds at blending Todd Phillips’ brand of bro-comedy with social/political commentary. Full review

Sandy Schaefer
Screen Rant

That rare thing: a based-in-reality movie that gives you a buzz. The film just about tingles with the antic pleasure of seeing people get away with things they shouldn’t. Full review

Owen Gleiberman

Notable Moments of the movie War Dogs – Watch Here Now!

Hustling for the American Dream

Falujah Scene

Triangle of death scene


Henry Girard: I’m not a bad man, but in certain situations, I have to ask myself: “What would a bad man do?”


Efraim Diveroli: Everyone’s fighting over the same pie and ignoring the crumbs. I live off crumbs.


David Packouz: [From the beginning of the film, as Miles Teller’s character, David Packaouz, narrates over visuals of soldiers in war and as price figures of what a soldier’s gear costs are displayed] What do you know about war? They’ll tell you it’s about patriotism, democracy… or some shit about the other guy hating our freedom. But you wanna know what it’s really about? What do you see? A kid from Arkansas doing his patriotic duty to defend his country? I see a helmet, fire-retardant gloves, body armor and an M16. I see $17, 500. That’s what it costs to outfit one American soldier. Over two million soldiers fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. It cost the American taxpayer $4.5 billion each year just to pay the air conditioning bills for those wars. And that’s what war is really about. War is an economy. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either in on it or stupid.


Efraim Diveroli: When does telling the truth ever help anybody?


David Packouz: I thought you said that you sold like seized weapons to gun nuts on the internet.

Efraim Diveroli: Not anymore. Now I only sell to one gun nut.

David Packouz: Oh yeah? Which one?

Efraim Diveroli: The U.S military, motherfucker!… Wanna do a bong hit?

[“Jump Around” by House of Pain comes on]


Efraim Diveroli: [while cutting through the line at the airport in Jordan with David] Sorry. Don’t worry, I have to go first, I’m American.


Efraim Diveroli: Jordanian customs seized our Berettas.

David Packouz: What? Why?

Efraim Diveroli: I don’t fucking know, David! I dropped out of high school before they covered international diplomacy!


David Packouz: [Narrating] They called guys like us war dogs. Bottom feeders who make money off of war without ever stepping foot on the battlefield. It was supposed to be derogatory, but… we kind of liked it.


Efraim Diveroli: I think you should come work for me.

David Packouz: I’m against this war

Efraim Diveroli: This isn’t about being pro-war. This is about being pro-money.


David Packouz: So, I don’t get it. If there’s an entire defense industry, why would the Pentagon want to buy anything from you?

Efraim Diveroli: They don’t want to, they have to. Remember Little League? How, at the end of the season, they’d give out that big MVP trophy and that one kid would always win it?

David Packouz: Yeah, Evan Talbot.

Efraim Diveroli: Right. But then, one year, somebody’s mom complained? Then they had to give everybody a little trophy so they wouldn’t feel bad? Even that fat retarded kid. Robbie Friedman, got one. That’s kind of like what’s happening here.

David Packouz: I’m still confused, man.

Efraim Diveroli: The Pentagon fucked up when they were rebuilding the Iraqi Army. They gave all these no-bid contracts to Cheney’s boys, and they got caught. So Bush started this initiative to level the playing field and now every Pentagon purchase, every gun, every grenade, every bullet, gets offered to small businesses for bidding. And sure, the big dogs still get the big trophies. But the Pentagon’s got to give little trophies to all the Robbie Friedmans of the world.

David Packouz: So, basically, you’re a fat retarded kid.

Efraim Diveroli: Bro, I’m the fattest and most retarded.


Efraim Diveroli: [while impersonating an army officer to a weapons vendor on the telephone] You keep supplying the guns, we’ll keep killing the bad guys. God bless you.

Efraim Diveroli: All the money is made between the lines.


David Packouz: Do you seriously want to drive to Baghdad?

Efraim Diveroli: david, we’re gun runners. Let’s go run some guns.


News Anchor: Now to the question that has no clear answer. How did two twenty-something young men land a three-hundred-million-dollar Pentagon contract?


Efraim Diveroli: Iraq is dope. I’m thinking about getting a place there.

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