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Tips for buying a house in Pakistan at cheaper rates

Finding a house on cheaper rates is a rare catch and only few investors can imagine missing it. For regular buyers, a little effort is required for coming across such a proposition. The elevating status of property in Pakistan has made many people drawn to investing in this sector while only a few afford to actually do it. For those with enough money to buy a house of their own or invest that amount to generate a sound source of income, this post discusses few tips on buying a house in Pakistan at cheaper rates.

Urgent sellers

Out of need for cash or the relocation of the owner to another city or country, many sellers end up urgently selling their assets including houses. You can find such advertisements in newspaper, mostly in Sunday editions.  Most of such deals are cashed by those who contact the sellers first. It is the reason why many of us find such property or items sold out earlier in the day. The urgent sellers mostly have a rough idea of market price and they are after any amount that appears decent enough to them. This is the reason why many buyers and investors have enjoyed buying decent houses and even the expensive DHA Lahore property at unbelievably cheaper rates.

Look for the loopholes

It is generally seen that value of houses in Pakistan drops dramatically if their construction style has loopholes, such as poor ventilation, unimpressive entrance, or ragged interior. Looking for such a house for sale can actually save you more amount than that required on fixing the loopholes. Same is true for the houses that lack in offering enough woodwork, decent wiring and newly styled windowpanes. It is a common observation that if not sold on the supposedly low market-price, the owners of such homes in Pakistan are made to wait for tiring long months to find a decent deal.

Consult different sources

There are agents who know the houses and property that apparently fail to attract buyers. The buyers and investors who are aware of the fact that, in the longer run, any investment in real estate is a deal worth it, presumably make reasonable gains. By consulting different sources, including online and offline mediums, you can be sure of coming across some very viable options. For initial research or in some cases more detailed one, many online real estate portals including that deal specifically in Pakistan property can be consulted. Such portals also maintain listings of authentic and active estate agents and thus save you from a lot of hassle.

Depending on their individual capacity, a lot of Pakistanis despite of their geographical locations are much interested in buying property in different cities of Pakistan including Lahore. In Lahore real estate, DHA Lahore is doing particularly good. However, for buying a house at cheaper rates, hunting the DHA’s adjoining localities could be a good option. Also, the old structures and houses have low asking price since most of the price mainly includes the amount of the land. By following the mentioned points and consulting the estate agents and property experts, you can certainly find a house in Pakistan at cheaper rates.


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