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Useful Productivity Tools Your Business Can Benefit From

Everybody who decides to separate from their employer and go their own way should know that it will take a lot of sweat to get to the top. What makes such a move more reasonable now than ten of twenty years ago is the number of productivity tools you can use these days. From software solutions that work on all your devices to different online tools, modern technology offers great support to startup owners. We bring you a summary of some of the most popular and useful business tools.

All-in-one textual services

No matter how many people use email and social networks nowadays, SMS seems to stand the test of time. As the number of smartphone users is still growing, smooth textual services will be of even greater importance in the years ahead.

The TextMagic textual tool is a perfect choice for young entrepreneurs. It integrates all message-related services you might need. It converts email messages to SMS and offers an integrated analytics addition that can help startup marketers get some fresh ideas for SMS marketing. TextMagic can be used as a regular SMS tool, but it can also enhance your marketing strategies and boost your revenue.

Best choice for invoices

The tax authorities are merciless in every part of the globe. They want what they think is theirs and they will not leave you alone until they get it. If a startup owner agrees to work in accordance with tax regulations, they need to save and keep every single invoice.

With the FreshBooks software tool, you can create and send invoices, as well as transfer all the payments made to your business via credit cards and PayPal. Moreover, this tool can be used to calculate the expenses that new business projects might cause. The best thing is that you can try it for free and see if it meets your business needs.

Central social media dashboard

The current impact and influence of social media on business in general is so strong that business owners can hardly follow all the ongoing changes. Luckily, now you do not have to spend all day scrolling down the Facebook timeline or your wall to see what is going on.

What you need is the Hootsuite tool. This all-round solution serves as the supreme tool for posting content to different social media and following its reception. It is extremely easy to use, since you have only one dashboard from which you control and supervise all the posts to all your social media accounts. Also, thanks to its analytics features, Hootsuite can serve as a virtual assistant for finding perfect times to publish your content. If you want to learn more about its options, read the review on the PCWorld website.

Time-harnessing solution

It is not other businesses that most young entrepreneurs have problems with, but it is simply the time. As business tasks and other obligations are piling up, people fail to manage the time successfully and start falling behind. However, it can be changed literally in a few minutes, given that start using Google Calendar.

This simple but incredibly useful tool can be accessed from all kinds of devices and it works perfectly on all three mainstream operating systems – Windows, iOS and Android. Here you can plan and schedule all your important business events and deadlines. Google Calendar is a team-friendly feature, too, since it checks the appointments of all the members of a group and offers managers the most acceptable times for business appointments with their employees and business partners. Like every other business intelligence software solution, it can lead to much better work organization.

This is only the beginning of a century governed by tools that enhance work productivity. What is important for business owners is to realize that this is 21st century and start using such tools to increase their efficiency. Those who fail to realize the potentials of such technologies will surely fail to deliver eventually.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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