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Secrets for a Great Hiring Campaign every HR Manager should know

Finding the best talent to join your company is the biggest challenge for an HR manager. However, to the contrary, finding these folks call for some smart recruiting efforts. So what it is that an HR manager can do to find the best talent pool for his/her company?

Note that the brightest talent out there is sure to be employed at some other firm. Now here comes the cache: It is certainly daunting and challenging to headhunt for potential employees, who aren’t actually looking out for a switchover. And once you find these folks, the next challenge is how to persuade them to work for your organization?

Perplexed as what to do? Hold your horses, as here are few innovatively cool ideas that are sure to pay off and make your hiring campaign a huge success.  Winning the talent acquisition war is all about outdoing your competitors out there.

  • Extend your Social Media Outreach

Avoid confining yourself to LinkedIn, Facebook and the likes. Try to pitch your voice possibly beyond the most obvious places. Make sure that the job commercial or ad downrightly stands out with eye-catchy headlines, few USPs of your company et al. Try and leverage advanced social media recruitment solutions to broaden the reach of your ad or classified. Target niche-based communities and social media platforms for the same. The whole idea here is to be there where your potential candidates really are and engage with them.

  • Billboards work great

Yes, billboards are still in. If we go by the proven strategies of successful HR managers, billboards are sure to find a mention. Renting billboards nearby busy highways or your office location is an excellent way to spread the word. Make sure that the ad copy is catchy and attention grabbing to get those eyeballs rolling. Keep the ad copy precise and appealing with minimal text. The billboard ad ought to be crisp and easy for the audience to comprehend. Make sure you accentuate on the available positions and contact details making it easy for interested candidates to reach you.

  • Employee referral reward programs

It is always a win-win situation when you hire a candidate, who was referred by your current employee. This is because current employee is the one, who understands the work-culture of your organization and thus, can give a sense whether the new recruit will be a perfect fit for your company or not. Cash rewards, referral bonus, promo codes, etc. are few employee reward ideas that you may mull over. Staging the reward programs is another excellent trick that works. For instance, give out small rewards immediately upon recruitment followed by bigger rewards when the referred employee stays onboard for a longer tenure. This shall drive your current employees to refer candidates who are looking for long-term positions rather than referring folks that are planning for shorter stays.

  • Give out recruitment cards

Give out business cards to each employee in your organization. These cards ought to have website address and company phone/ name with the words “We are hiring” somewhere at the front in some catchy font and color. Most importantly, ask your employees to carry these recruitment cards wherever they go and hand them to people they meet as a token for job well done. Be it a cashier for his swift computation service at the local Sears’ outlet or a waiter’s polite behavior from Starbucks. This trick shall fetch you with some real good talent, who went out of their customary way to offer impressive services and made a lasting impression. Eureka, you never know this trick might help you get that shrewd accounting expert or your next sales maverick. Remember you can always impart skills, but you can never impart personality.

Closing the Curtains:

Last but not the least, one can never overlook the importance of assessing the quality of candidates. Recruitment is undoubtedly a very subjective art. It is as important as the cultural fit and your gut feelings in comparison to a candidate’s experience and proficiency. Have in place scoresheets for your hiring personnel and recruitment crew to help with structured evaluation of both cultural fit and candidate’s skills.

All the aforementioned ideas can drive your hiring campaign to be a huge hit churning out some good numbers of deserving talents. Note that employees simply cannot resist being part of a campaign or idea that creates good amount of buzz in the community. What more, the excitement involved will only help drive your business to higher altitudes whilst you boast of a well-organized and diverse pool of talents.

Payoff from these creative yet budget-friendly hiring ideas is sure to astound you in the long run. So now that you know the secrets for a great hiring campaign, it is time to take the center-stage and inflate that talent pool of yours.


Anwar Shaikh is a creative-cum-technical writer with strong emphasis on human resources topics and technologies, cloud computing and business intelligence/analytics. A self-made reared-up writer and poetic soul, Anwar has a great penchant for Digital Marketing. He writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based payroll and HR software to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.

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