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10 Working Strategies – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Smart Work is always the one that we aim for, and that is most required. Smartness lies in the capabilities of the performer and not on the task being performed. Everyone on this Earth has an equal number of hours to work, but there’s a thin line that differentiates a successful entrepreneur from an average person. This is the line of SMARTNESS. And if you think that you lag smartness, so can’t be an entrepreneur or a successful person. In that case, I would like to quote that, ‘working in a smarter way is a property, that can be inhibited by anyone and everyone’. So everyone on this Earth has an equal capability of being successful, granted he/she is willing to put in efforts.

Ten strategies that contribute in increasing efficiency and work smartly include the following:

Less Time Means More Efficiency

This is a pretty simple law and goes by the explanation that the lesser time we get, more hastily do we complete that task. The biggest issue that arises is of the efficiency achieved in this scenario.

Seeking Your Interest

If you are into cooking and are forced into engineering, you won’t be able to pursue a successful career. Hence, it is suggested that you should follow your interest and take the path leading to that interest. Otherwise, you may get bored and end up working non-efficiently.


It is a common misconception that every person can flawlessly perform more than one task at a time. It is a difficult job to train our mind to work in two opposite directions. So, it is always preferred that one must take just one task at a time. If many tasks are lined up, set a priority and pick the highly prioritized task first, followed by the next and so on.

2-Minute Rule

The 2-Minute rule is very famous and is applied all over the world. It explains the working of a person in the small windows that he gets and completing as much task as possible in that little window. Thinking too much just leads to procrastination and delay of the task. So take out the small 2-minute window and complete the task that comes up in your mind.

Syncing Biology with the Task

We are always taught that the beginning hours of the dawn are the most active for our brain. This is scientifically true as at morning, rise in the body temperature leads to increase in the blood flow towards the brain. This leads to the quick response and functioning of our Central Nervous System. The effectiveness decreases after lunch as the energy starts getting consumed in digestion. If we can sync our working and task completion routine with this biological setup, we are surely prone to achieve heights of success.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes it is more efficient to start from the finished product and reach the root of a problem in the product. This is called Reverse Engineering and is an innovation and is highly efficient in different fields. Language decoding, Dis-assembly and analysis, and many other such tasks have become easy due to Reverse Engineering.

Willpower Trilogy

Optimism may open up many doors and windows to the pathway of success. But there’s a whole new phase of difficulties that needs to be crossed in order to reach the optimistic path.

Beginning from I won’t, it is more of a resisting power restricting a person from achieving his goal.

Then I will power is what one should aspire for. Full of optimism would surely lead to success.

The I want is mandatory as it informs the person about the aims and targets he has in his mind.

Work/Rest Ratio

It is commonly observed that a person takes up rest of 60 minutes after doing a task for 45 minutes. This increases inefficiency, and thus the ideal work/rest ratio gets set up. It suggests that our brain must take up rest of 20 minutes after a focused work of 90 minutes.


It may sound peculiar, but the way you stand or sit does affect your productivity. Work Study and Ergonomics is the study of this thing only. Having a proper posture may increase the easiness by reduction in the fatigue and other problems occurring in the task, you are performing.

Validation of Product

Producing an improper product over and over would just lead to increase in losses due to the reducing demand. Hence, it is viable to get the product validated from the cells. Beyond validation, setting up proper quality checks on the production procedure would be a smart option.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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