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Burnt (2015) – Watch the Movie Online

The FP Top Pick on Entrepreneur/Business Movie:

Watch the movie Burnt Here.

About the Movie

BURNT is about a successful chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) in Paris who destroyed his rising career taking drugs & alcoholism. Jones had to move New Orleans to London due to his drowning reputation in the food industry in Paris. And, moving to London gave him a  shot at redemption. He got another opportunity for a new start, and he was appointed as the head chef of his fine-dining restaurant. Jones left his bad past behind and started with his love, beautiful Helene (Sienna Miller). He worked harder to get back his honour as a master chef. Will he be successful this time and fulfil his dream of earning a third Michelin star or life pulls him again in his bad time!

The movie released in October 30, 2015 (USA). It made 36.6 million USDin the box office.

Critic Reviews

You might just feel like treating yourself to a delicious meal after watching this. Full review

Reagan Gavin Rasquinha
Times of India

What follows is is a decently structured story of personal demons and culinary competition. Full review

Neil Genzlinger
The NYTimes

It’s a recipe for cinematic indigestion. Full review

Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

Burnt fails as a character study, but thrives when bringing the fast-moving world of professional chefs to cinematic life. Full review

Sandy Schaefer
Screen Rant

Notable Moments of the movieBurnt– Watch Here Now!

Michelin fail scene.

Burnt movie best scene.



Adam Jones: If it’s not perfect, you throw it away… regardless of time.

Tony: My advice to you, Chef, if you want to live a long life, eat your own tongue.

Adam Jones: I sentenced myself to shuck 1 million oysters. Today is the last day of my penance.

Reece: You’re better than me. But the rest of us need you to lead us to places we wouldn’t otherwise go.

Adam Jones: I don’t want my resturant to be a place where people sit and eat. I want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing.

Adam Jones: People eat because they are hungry; I want to make food that makes people stop eating.

Adam Jones: [to Helene] The problem with being good is you become indispensable.

Adam Jones: I love the decor, it’s perfect for stoning infidels.

Simone Forth: You know, when I lie awake at night and list my regrets, you’re one of them. I say to myself, “Simone, you’re a lesbian. Why did you sleep with Adam Jones?”

Tony: In Paris, it happened two times a week. I used to worry, now I don’t. Believe me, the only person who will kill Adam Jones is Adam Jones.

Adam Jones: [to Helene] Apologize to the turbot ’cause it died in vain. I said apologize!

Michel: [to Adam] When are you gonna do something about Medusa out there? You’re pushing her too hard. If you’re not careful, she’s gonna end up like you. And we can’t have a kitchen with two of you in it.

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