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Furniture Care Tips While Shifting Home

Shifting to a new home can be a taxing and a laborious task in the absence of proper planning and organization. Moving your furniture and fittings whilst saving them of all the possible scratches or damage is a daunting task. If you are planning a DIY move, here are some of the things that you must consider while shifting furniture to a new home.

Preparations before starting the moving process

  • Prior to moving on with the process of shifting, either make notes or collect all the furniture pieces at one place which need to be packed in boxes. This would relieve your mind from missing out any of the pieces from packing.
  • Arrange for the handy stuff for packing such as scissors, boxes, labels and tapes so that you are able to pack things systematically without wasting much time.
  • Discard the unnecessary furniture and furnishing items by either selling them of giving away in charity such that you end up investing your time, money and efforts on the essential items only.
  • If you are not confident about carrying out the whole moving process yourself quite efficiently then you can hire professional removals Dorset services.

Precautions for shifting heavy furniture

Moving heavy furniture is a strenuous task. A lot of things have to be looked into while packing and moving heavy furniture for there is a great risk of damaging the furniture itself along with the walls and floor alike in case proper attention is not paid to it.

  • Avoid moving heavy furniture single-handedly to prevent reckless handing and saving yourself of any serious injuries or bland back pain.
  • Save your wooden flooring from undue scratches that can be caused by dragging the furniture on the bare floor. Slide the furniture by putting furniture pads, sliders, rug or a cardboard beneath the legs of the item. This would even ease the trouble of moving the furniture.
  • Lighten your furniture first by emptying it out completely. Moreover, accidental falling of such loaded stuff can cause great mess and they can also be damaged.
  • Go for disassembling of the furniture where you can. Disassemble the removable parts such as table legs or bed frames. Do keep a track of which part belongs where.

Precautions for fragile furniture

Follow the following simple tips to safely and effectively move your fragile furniture items.

  • Protect the fragile items by using the pillows and cushions wrapped well in clean plastic bags.
  • Wrap the pieces with cloth, blankets or bubble wrap. Ensure that during their transportation they are secured with ropes and tapes.
  • Put due labels on the packed cartons containing the breakable things instructing on the direction of lifting the carton.
  • Ensure that you use only good quality boxes and cartons which are sturdy enough to hold the delicate pieces securely. Do not overstuff the boxes.

Managing everything single-handedly could be difficult. Thus, it is always advisable to go for a furniture removal services which take due care of your belongings. Apart from this, they have a specialized fleet of vehicles and trained staff for this purpose thereby ensuring safe movement of your furniture.

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Mike Jordan
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