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How To Cosy Up Your Interiors For A Winter Retreat

When the temperature drops everything simply seems to dull up from your mood to the appearance of your house but that does not have to happen if you work on transforming your interior into something warm and comfortable. A warm and snug home will reflect on your mood and be a haven from the disastrous weather outdoors. Living room is the first room where the transformation should be focused on since it usually the heart of the house but following all rooms should be worked upon with slight, inexpensive touches.

  • Add A Fire

Fireplaces are the ultimate and traditional way to warm up a house and if you don’t have one installed then there are plenty of small, hanging or creative ones available. You don’t need real fire but even artificial fire will bring in the needed warm touch to your decor.  Other then fireplaces candles can always be used to add flames while even a wall canvas depicting a warm and cosy fire will do the trick.

  • Add Warm And Cosy Accessories

Thinking of winter accessories wool and plush materials come to mind and they are a must have for a winter decor to warm up the house. Simple cotton rugs should be replaced by plus materials which will also provide a makeover due to the addition of texture. Knitted throws and bed scarves can be laid around the house while even knitted table runners make complete sense!

  • Add Colour And Brightness

Since winters are completely dull adding vivid and warm colours such as yellow, orange, blue, green etc. can seriously perch up the environment a little and brighten up the mood of a room. Remember since there is less sunlight and you always want a room appear sunny and spacious, you must avoid very dark colours such as purple or navy blue etc. You can keep the overall theme or background color light but introduce pops of intense colors in your photo on canvas, lamp shades or using rugs etc.

  • Add Plants, Greenery And Life

For some life and freshness bring in fresh plants, you will need to do your research and take good care of them because even plants and greenery dulls out in winters. When everywhere outside is only bare trees and dead grass a bit of greenery indoors can be highly refreshing. Choose something fresh and long lasting because a brown or dying plant will only worsen the environment. If you are into pets, believe it or not but, a happy goldfish swimming around in a tank of aquatic plants can seem sunny enough for a decor.

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