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Effective termite control in a friendly Budget; here’s how?

Just like pesky cockroaches, white ants have been actively prevalent in our planet for millions of years, failing to succumb to one and many remedies that have been formulated for its permanent eradication. For any homeowner/homemaker, keeping these creepy-crawly creatures successfully at bay is absolutely vital, for its ability to forage away in items that have been crafted out of wood and/or paper is an element of great loss, period!

What with the global recession, adhering to concise economies of scale is equally compulsory for us commoners too – be it at home, school, office or otherwise. Therefore, elaborated forthwith are some of the most popularly used methods to control and alleviate the presence of termites easily, safely, quickly and most importantly: feasibly! Read on to know more!

1) Between $10 and $15 – Aerosol Termiticides.

The most widely used termite control technique till date, most commercially manufactured and branded sprays containing active ingredients such as cyphenothrin and tetramethrin are easily purchased from any supermarket or department store.

Recommended directions for its use are indicated as follows:

(i) Clean the affected area with a piece of clean, dry fabric,

(ii)Shake the can for at least 30 seconds, and then spray directly onto the cleaned, affected area.

(iii) Let air-dry.

It is most likely that any colonies of termites that are sustaining in the region that has been treated shall subside after just one spray session – or two at the most.

2) Between $20 and $60 – Wood Preservative Solutions.

Used in pretty much the same manner as sprays, these particular formulations serve the prime purpose for preventing the onset of termites in wood and paper-based commodities, however.

A moment to observe caution with wood preservative agents: some individuals may find its odour to be an allergen that causes suffocation. Relevant preventative measures are therefore advised.

3) Between $50 and $100 – Bait Systems.

Another technique that is a tad more comprehensive than spraying, bait packages come fully equipped with cylindrical stakes that are infused with termite-killing pesticides. As per general guidelines, each stake should be placed in the ground, all around the premises.

Since these stakes contain holes that are big enough for termites to penetrate through, consumption of the pesticide that’s contained within it shall result in the death of these creatures between a span of 3 to 14 days.

As the pesticide takes time to take effect, already exposed termites shall eventually spread it round to other fellow creatures that are also located in its colony, thereby ultimately reducing the size and severity of the entire group.

4) $1000 and Up – Professional Fumigation Treatments.

For termites that seem to have invaded one’s home way too severely to be handled domestically, leaving the job to an exterminator is the most ideal (and only, in fact) option that is left, ultimately.

Involving thorough penetration of insecticide fumes in every corner and crevice that pertain to the premises, this specialized pest control therapy is by far the most potent of its kind. Nowadays, most agencies also provided discounted schemes to execute this process for payments under $1000 as well.

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