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The Founder (2016) – Watch the Movie Online

The FP Top Pick on Entrepreneur/Business Movie:

Watch the movie The Founder Here.

About the Movie

“The Founder” movie is about a true story of about struggling salesman, Ray Kroc who met brothers Mac and Dick McDonald and transformed their small fast food eatery into a biggest restaurant business in the world with his ambition, determination, and ruthlessness. It is about the story of the creation of McDonald’ and how Kroc became the founder of the company and created a multi-billion dollar empire.

The movie released in December 16, 2016 (USA). It made 24.1 million USD in the box office.

Awards: Capri Awards & AARP Movies for Grownups Awards

Critic Reviews

In the end, “The Founder” is little more than a deflating reminder, as if we needed one, that the winner takes all, and integrity isn’t always the key to success. Full review

Stephanie Merry
Washington Post

 Set more than a half century ago, The Founder proves to be a movie for a divisive here and now. Step right up. Full review

Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

Mr. Keaton’s performance is fascinating from beginning to end, and the movie around him is entertaining in fits and starts. Ultimately, though, it’s a tough sell, a biopic with an uncertain tone. Full review

Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal

Tense, entertaining, and nostalgic yet decidedly modern, this drama is a feast of filmmaking. Full review

  1. Jhoanna Robledo
    Common Sense Media

Notable Moments of The Founder – Watch Here Now!

Ray Kroc gives McDonald’s brothers a business lesson

Real Estate Business Scene

Ending Scene


Ray Kroc: If I saw a competitor drowning, I’d shove a hose down his throat.

Ray Kroc: You know what – contracts are like hearts, they are made to be broken.

Ray Kroc: Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. How the heck does a 52 year old, over-the-hill milkshake machine salesman… build a fast food empire with 16,000 restaurants, in 50 states, in 5 foreign countries… with an annual revenue of in the neighborhood of $700,000,000.00… One word… PERSISTENCE. Nothing in this world can take the place of good old persistence. Talent won’t. Nothing’s more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius won’t. Unrecognized genius is practically a cliche. Education won’t. Why the world is full of educated fools. Persistence and determination alone are all powerful.

Ray Kroc: McDonald’s… is… family. Isn’t that great? You know what I see when I see that? Family. We’re one big family. Aren’t we? We have mouths to feed. That’s a family.

Ray Kroc: If you’ve got time to lean, then you’ve got time to clean.

Dick McDonald: Ray we have no interest in a milkshake that contains NO MILK.

Mac McDonald: Dick. We will never beat him. We will never be rid of him.

Harry J. Sonneborn: Mr. Kroc, if you’re not making money hand over fist, something’s terribly wrong.

Ray Kroc: A couple of Illinois boys. Made good. Only in America. Only in America. Only in America!


Mac McDonald: [Giving Kroc his first tour of McDonald’s] Speed. That’s the name of the game. The first stop for every McDonald’s hamburger is the grill. Manned by two cooks, whose sole job it is to cook those all-beef beauties to perfection. Meanwhile, as the patty cooks, our dressers get the buns ready. Watch out. Burger crossing!

McDonald’s Employees: Burger crossing!

Mac McDonald: Every McDonald’s burger has two pickles, a pinch of onions, and a precise shot of ketchup and mustard.


Ray Kroc: [Points to the ketchup and mustard despensers] Now, where did you get those?

Mac McDonald: We made them.

Ray Kroc: Made them?

Mac McDonald: Yes, custom-built. The whole kitchen is. Next, this is the finishing station where we put the whole thing together. And…

[Leads Ray to the end of the line, holding up a wrapped hamburger]

Mac McDonald: Voila! A fresh, delicious burger from grill to counter in 30 seconds.

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