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Traditional VS Modern Home Decor Trends in 2013

In today’s time people go with comfort and value of things. People don’t just throw money to buy anything for their home decor but they wait till the best thing can be bought by them. Money is not an issue and people want different and unique objects to keep in their house. Even painting of the house takes time to decide because several colors are made and tested in a small portions of the wall to decide the best among the alternatives. People expect more value from the things they buy. With the increase in population of the cities people have small places but more things.  So a softer color with texture and other accessories like wall canvas and frames will make your small place look like home.

  • Traditional

Many people in the cities go with the traditional way of decorating the house. For these people everything in house depicts their personality. Traditional decor looks more natural and it suits the environment too. For a traditional decor, go with traditional materials and colors which provide a historic feel. Even the accessories for wall should be kept traditional like if you hang photo canvas it should depict culture or the history of the family living in the house. Many traditional designs include stone flooring, marble tops,  textured wall and exposed wooden beams. Other than this artwork, antique decorative pieces and many other unique things can be kept in the house to give it a modern traditional look. Mostly peoples still using traditional ways use for home decoration purposes.They not concern latest trips and techniques for décor styles a home.

  • Modern

By modern it means keeping small and unique things in the house which give more of a classy and sophisticated look to the house. In the modern houses use of motifs is becoming less trendy and people now want elegant spaces. Money is less of an issue for modern people and they want something innovative. Using small but comfortable furniture like floor beds and less tables. Cabinets are not kept to save space and more things are hanged to the wall to save floor space. Paints are now less used on the walls and the wallpaper is making its way back in the modern trend. Modern way of home décor style should be according to things which use in home.

In 2013, home décor trends’ will include less things like less accessories and people want more open spaces. The things that they keep should be unique yet elegant. For small houses the case is opposite because people keep more things. The walls are filled with photo frames and printed photos on canvas. And in small houses more cabinets and tables are kept to keep things on it. Now home décor trends become more fastly grow and use latest trips and tricks for decorating purposes.

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