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The Social Network (2010) – Watch The Social Network Online

The FP Top Pick on Entrepreneur/Business Movie:

Watch The Social Network Online Here.

More options to watch The Social Network Online :

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About the Movie:
Based on the book “The Accidental Billionaires”. The extraordinary story of Mark Zuckerberg and his journey to made Facebook widely successful. The story starts in 2003 when Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) start working on a new concept to make the world more social that turned into a massive social network. After six years, he becomes one of the youngest billionaires ever. However, he finds his success leads to both personal and legal complications including a lawsuit from his former friend.

People often wonder where to watch this movie and there are several online options where you can stream the social network including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other sources. Follow the link we posted and it will directly take you to the streaming page where you can watch the movie.

The movie released in 2010.

Here are some more options to watch the social network [Thanks to Mashable]

Here’s where to stream or digitally purchase it:


How: Legit just follow the link above! No login. No money. Just easy streaming on your laptop or on your TV through Crackle-compatible devices.

Price: Free


How: Just purchase it through your regular old YouTube account.

Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99

Amazon Video

How: You need an Amazon account, but can enjoy it on all platforms that stream Amazon Video and Prime — but it is not free for Prime members.

Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99


How: This one also costs you, but you can more easily stream it on Apple TV.

Price: Digital Purchase $12.99


How: Again, you’ll need an account. Unlike, say, Apple TV,  or Amazon Prime, though, streaming it to your TV through Roku or a compatible gaming console doesn’t require a subscription.

Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99

Awards: Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted ScreenplayMORE

Critic Reviews:

There was a lot of pre-release hype for “The Social Network” — and for once, the buzz is well-deserved. Full review
Sandie Angulo Chen
Common Sense Media
You’d think the inventor of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, would have more friends than anyone. Not so much, if this particular cinematic biography comes anywhere near the truth. Full review
Paul Asay
Plugged In
A rich, understated character drama that gleefully exposes the petty playground politics at the centre of one of the internet-era’s most bitter court cases. Full review
Damon Wise
The high point of The Social Network is its super screenplay where every dialogue becomes a quotable quote. Full review
Notable Moments of the Social Network- Watch Here Now!

Best Scene


Gretchen: 18,000 dollars?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Gretchen: In addition to the $1,000 you’d already put up?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Gretchen: A total of $19,000 now?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Hang on.

[Mark sarcastically adds up the 2 amounts on his notepad]

Mark Zuckerberg: I’m just checking your math on that. Yes, I got the same thing.

Gage: Mr. Zuckerberg, do I have your full attention?

Mark Zuckerberg: [stares out the window] No.

Gage: Do you think I deserve it?

Mark Zuckerberg: [looks at Gage] What?

Gage: Do you think I deserve your full attention?

Mark Zuckerberg: I had to swear an oath before we began this deposition, and I don’t want to perjure myself, so I have a legal obligation to say no.

Gage: Okay – no. You don’t think I deserve your attention.

Mark Zuckerberg: I think if your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall, they have the right to give it a try – but there’s no requirement that I enjoy sitting here listening to people lie. You have part of my attention – you have the minimum amount. The rest of my attention is back at the offices of Facebook, where my colleagues and I are doing things that no one in this room, including and especially your clients, are intellectually or creatively capable of doing.


Mark Zuckerberg: Did I adequately answer your condescending question?

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