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Why wood is the way forward for most savvy homeowners

Many homeowners favour wooden floors over carpets because of their impressive durability, authentic charm and great versatility. They can be adapted to many different interior styles and can provide plenty of economic benefits in the long term.

Despite the ongoing global economic problems, there are still many cost-effective ways that homeowners can maximise the aesthetic and economic potential of their properties, whether they have just moved into a new home or are considering a new refurbishment project. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, investing in an attractive new wooden floor will increase your chances of a successful and profitable sale.

Wood boosts the value of your property

There is a strong demand for high quality wooden floors among UK home buyers. They add a wonderful sense of sophistication and beauty into a living environment and require minimal maintenance and cleaning, making them a convenient choice for busy households.  According the National Wood Flooring Association of the United States, real estate agents stated that 90 percent of homes with timber floors sold faster and for a higher price compared to homes with alternative types of flooring.

An immaculate, beaming wooden floor is an excellent proposition for a prospective home buyer and creates a powerful first impression. To command the highest asking prices, homeowners must ensure that their properties are in the best possible condition. Solid wooden floors are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetic appearance of your interior and will make your home look timeless and spotlessly clean (if it’s well looked after, of course!).

Versatile and adaptable

Wooden floors can easily be altered over time; you can choose different finishes and patterns to compliment new interior furnishings, which can range from simple, minimalistic laminated designs to more natural, vivid patterns with deeper textures. Because wooden floors rarely ever need to be completely replaced, they are a much more economical investment than other types of flooring.

Excellent for the environment

In 2013, the European Parliament Land use, Land-use Change and Forestry (LULUCF), a new agreement designed to encourage more states to use wood. Because wood stores up to a cubic tonne of carbon dioxide per cubic metre, greater use of timber could help limit the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

Solid wooden floors can take care of themselves

Wooden floors are very easy to take care of and require little attention. Over time, any scratches or imperfections can easily be eradicated with a professional floor sanding application, which is relatively inexpensive and can provide results that will last a lifetime.

Because wooden floors need very limited long term care, there are few maintenance costs associated with them. As a short term investment, you could enjoy long term financial awards by increasing the value of your home, which will be significantly advantageous if you decide to move house in the future.

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Muzahed I.
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