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5 Hot Home Trends For 2013

Ah, modern homes! When you are looking at the pics of your old room in parents’ house, you can’t but smile. Everything seems so cool but funny at the same time since home design trends have changed drastically. Modern design is a mixture of everything, both new and old trends.

Moreover, when designing interiors specialists take into account individual preferences and needs of the people who will live in a particular house. They say you can have a bad job, or very few friends or maybe problems with loans. What you can’t afford, however, is living in a home you hate.

So, it is important to love you house that should be welcoming and sweet. Let me introduce 5 hot home trends for the year of 2013.

Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen is not just a place where you cook. Kitchen is a place where the whole family gathers in the morning and in the evening. Cooking is not about preparing food. It’s also about communication, when cooking together. So, I am convinced that kitchens should be both stylish and functional. In fact, they should be places in your house you’ll never want to leave.

This year’s trends is all about using 2 toned cabinets, sometimes with glass doors and open shelves. As to the materials and colors, housewives preser granite, countertops in stainless steels which are touch activated by the way. Sure, integrated sinks will never stop being popular.

A mixture of new and old ideas

Old does not mean junk. I am serious right now. Old fashion is a hot trend these days, especially when it comes to antique style. Sure, it is not a good idea to use antique style in your kid’s room, but gray and caramel colors will perfectly suit your bedroom, for example. Antique is cool!

Control over your home

With a rapid development of today’s technologies, homes are getting smart. What does it mean? It means that you can and should use your electronic devices to take control over your home – lighting, hating, climate, security etc. Perhaps you have seen smart homes and how those IT systems work. It is amazing to realize you can perform those miracles with your iPad or iPhone. Smart homes can save your money by the way. For instance you can set alarm settings, climate temperature and humidity, lighting settings, for instance automatic lights off after 11 pm. Smart home system will become your best friend, I can guarantee you that!

Outdoors is great

Today, having a kitchen outdoors is trendy. It is trendy to have a lounge outdoors too. It is even more popular to have own garden to grow veggies and fruit which are free of nitrates. So, expanding living spaces to outdoors is another hot trend. What can be better than having a little home cinema outdoors, perhaps with own fireplace. Anyway, don’t waste your time indoors. If the situation permits, expand your living space!

Everything’s green

This is the hottest trend in all industries and design areas. Use of eco-friendly materials is not just a modern trend. It is the best way to keep your environment safe. Besides, use of solar energy and eco friendly cooling systems is the best way to cut utility bills.

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